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Deluxe Folding Arm Portable Dish/ Folding Tripod Kit. This kit has it all. (HDTV & Standard Options)

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Deluxe Folding Portable Dish for Directv. Please see configuration options so that you make sure you get the dish you need.. (Dish Network, HDTV For Directv or Dish Network etc.) If you have questions, please give us a call. (For HDTV, You need to select an option for an HDTV dish from the option menu by clicking the Image above or adding to a cart.)


This is the preferred kit by almost all RVers. Everything you need, to take your satellite programming with you anywhere you go. 18" Dish now folds up to a low 8" flat, Tripod just 24" X 5" X 5". This kit comes complete with 24" mast which puts the dish height at 45", 2 50'  RG6 Cables, 2 barrel splice connectors, 36" jumper cable to insert meter in line, 1- 8" flat cable to snake under a door or window if necessary.  We  include our  Satellite finder kit, which comes with military style Brass liquid filled compass, and instructions.  Comprehensive instructions so you can set this kit up and aim it in just a few minutes.  Sturdy tripod has holes in swivel feet so that it can be staked down easily. Dish folds by removing just 1 or 2 Thumbscrew Knob(s). Short of Installing a signal seeking automatic antenna on your roof at a cost of about $1500., this is definitely the way to go. New Sale price of just $129.95 is For a Directv Dish with 3' high tripod & mast. If you have Dish Network, or need a HDTV Dish , click on the optional selection for the Dish 500 or other dish from the options list. These options will be added to the $129.95 price. See option list for other options including durable softside zippered carry bag. Has lots of room for your folding kit, accessories and other gear. To order the standard Directv dish kit, just click add to cart. To order other dish kits select form the option list below and click on any other desired options, then click add to cart. If you option for HDTV for Directv or Dish Network, the Larger Tripod and mast that stands 4' high is included.

Options:Dish 500 for Dish Network Includes Twin LNB (add $19.95)
Phase 3 Dish(Triple LNB) for Directv required for locals in some areas. Call for info. (lnb arm does not fold but removes with 2 Quick bolts) (add $29.95)
Au9 Slimline Dish(5 LNB Equivelant) for Directv HDTV( Includes 48" High tripod with 2" Mast.Lnb arm does not fold but reflector removes w/. 4 Quick Bolts.) (add $44.95)
Dish Network Dish 1000 HDTV ( Includes 48" High Tripod & Mast. LNB arm Does Not Fold but Removes w/ 2 Quick Bolts (add $29.95)
Cabling for 2nd Receiver(includes 2 of each cable in the kit.) (add $17.95)
4' High Tripod and Mast(If ordering a carry bag & this tripod you will need the Carry Bag for the Slimline/Dish 1000.) (add $11.95)
6' High Tripod and Mast (add $36.95)
2- 8" Flat Cables so you can run your Rg6 Cable through a door or window opening and stil close the door or window. (add $4.95)
Acutrac 3 Plus(KA Band capability for Slimline)Meter (add $189.95)
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This is an 8" Flat coax for running a cable through a door or window casing so that you can close the door or window. We sell these in quantities of 2 for the price listed. In other words if you order 1, you will receive 2.
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