LNB is an acronym for low noise block down converter. The LNB is the device mounted on the end of a satellite dish's arm, facing the center of the parabolic reflector (commonly referred to as the dish). The LNB is responsible for lowering received microwave frequencies so they can be understood by a compatible receiver, and viewed as television content. LNBs come in a variety of incarnations, including single, dual, and quad models.

Multiple output LNBs are required for multiple receiver systems. With a quad LNB, for example, you can send satellite programming to up to four television sets. Many dishes today come standard with a single or dual LNB, but here at Bestway Satellite, you can purchase a replacement LNB to upgrade the one currently installed on your dish.

The idea of upgrading a satellite dish can seem like a daunting task for many people, but replacing the LNB on your dish is actually quite straightforward. In many cases, the old one can be removed effortlessly, and the new LNB can be bolted on in its place. Taking this route instead of purchasing an entire new satellite dish is more affordable as well, especially when the LNB upgrade is purchased from this website.

If you're a Dish Network or DirecTV subscriber and have any questions about upgrading your LNB, feel free to contact us for some guidance. We deal with both consumers and industry professionals, so we have the knowledge to help you with any concerns that you may have. Even if satellite dishes seem like space-age technology to you, we can walk you through the process of choosing the right LNB.

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